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Freight shipping to and from Canada

Freight shipping services from the US to Canada and Canada to US. Get reduced low cost freight quotes for all your Canadian cross border shipments.

How Can We Save You Money On Your Freight Quotes To And From Canada?

Freight-Specialist will analyze your specific shipping needs and after careful evaluation can suggest the best method to ship freight to Canada from the US or ship freight to the US from Canada. Freight-Specialist has many expert carriers that routinely cross the border between the US and Canada so this expertise helps in lowering cost for you. Also the major discounts we receive due to the volume of LTL and truckload freight we handle is passed onto you as well.
Our LTL carriers offer varying levels of service from the cheapest to thae fastest, depending on the customers’ needs. Hence no matter if you’re a manufacturer, distributor or individual looking to lower your freight rates we can help.

Shipping from Canada to USA

Freight-Specialist will assist you from start to finish with your freight shipping from Canada to USA.

Freight shipments that cross borders such as when shipping from Canada to the USA is known as cross-border shipping. The Canada America border is one of the busiest borders for shipping freight in the world. Thousands of freight shipments enter and depart Canada daily. US & Canadian shippers may feel that freight shipping to Canada or shipping to the US from Canada is difficult, the reality is that a few simple documents can make the process very smooth and easy.
Most freight shipments to ship to Canada from the US or to the US from Canada will suffice with basic documentation. The documents that are required are a BOL, a commercial invoice, and it is always a good idea to include a packing slip.
There are specialized customs brokers for Canada that will clear your freight electronically long before the freight reaches the border for crossing. Freight-Specialist will help with a step by step process for an easy freight shipping experience.

Cheap freight rates for shipping freight to & from Canada

  • Established freight shipping company
  • Easy freight quote process
  • Various freight carriers to choose from
  • Customized shipping solutions for high volume accounts

Canada LTL Freight Shipping

LTL Freight Shipping
Choose from various LTL carriers servicing Canada to USA with varying degrees of service levels

Canada Truckload Freight Services

Truckload Freight Service
Ship your Canada truckload freight on Vans, Flatbeds, or Refrigerated Trucks with our professional contracted carriers.

Intermodal Canada Rail Freight Shipping

Intermodal Rail Freight Shipping
Competitive rail freight services to and from Canada using all major class 1 railroad carriers.