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    Intermodal Rail Freight Shipping

    In today’s competitive market-saving money is on everyone’s short list. Reducing the overall cost of the product is on every business owners mind. Most business owners will agree that freight shipping costs are at the very top of their expenses. Consequently, many of these companies do not take advantage of intermodal freight shipping.

    Intermodal Freight Shipping
    A double stack intermodal freight train passes through a mountain pass after a fresh snowfall in Northern Arizona

    What Is Intermodal Freight Shipping?

    Intermodal freight shipping is any method of shipping that utilizes more than one method of transportation. The most popular is the rail/ road combination. The ease of door to door service and overall good transit time makes shipping freight by intermodal very popular. Due to the improved transit time and dependability of intermodal rail service more people are relying on intermodal transit these days.

    Intermodal Freight Shipping Benefits

    • Cost saving vs over the road can be up to 40% less.
    • Intermodal shipping is efficient.
    • You can ship 2000 pounds up to 430 miles on a single gallon of fuel using intermodal.
    • Shipping freight via intermodal can help with capacity concerns.
    • Choosing intermodal reduces the fuel surcharge that you will be required to pay

    How Much Can I Save Using Intermodal Freight Shipping?

    The savings can vary drastically from market to market. Nationally the average freight shipment can be lowered 20%, but we have seen shippers save 40% versus over the road shipping cost. Hence the cost-effectiveness of shipping via intermodal rail is clear.

    Contact Freight-Specialist for your intermodal freight rate today and see how much you can save on your next shipment.

    Dry Van Truckload Freight Shipping

    Dry Van Truckload Freight Shipping
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    LTL Freight Shipping

    LTL Freight Shipping rates vary depending on many factors including freight class, weight, dimensions and the distance the freight will be traveling. Let us get you the LTL rate you deserve.

    Intermodal Rail Freight Shipping

    Intermodal Rail Freight Shipping is the most cost-effective solution for volume truckload freight shipping. Intermodal rail shipping is an economical, reliable and environmentally friendlier means of freight transport.ervices nationwide.