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Intermodal Rail Shipping

Intermodal rail shipping is the combination of two or more methods of transport. In particular, the road and rail union is extremely popular. As an illustration, in 2021 rail freight companies transported nearly 30% of all freight in the U.S.A. Your business can benefit from rail shipping too. With this in mind, ask us for a free rail freight quote today.   

The list of commodities that ship via intermodal rail is substantial. Everyday commodities such as household cleaners, electronics, foodstuffs and other manufactured products are common. Hazardous goods can also be shipped via intermodal rail although there are restrictions. 

Truckload intermodal shipping should always be considered when shipping more than 1000 miles. Intermodal shipping becomes more competitive against over the road trucking the further the shipments travels. Speak to a freight specialist regarding transit lanes for the best intermodal shipping opportunities. 

There’s no doubt that the carbon footprint of intermodal freight is far less than it’s over the road counterpart. Estimates show intermodal rail shipping producing as much as 65% fewer emissions. A recent report states a freight train can ship 1 ton of freight 430 miles on 1 gallon of fuel. 

At this time LTL shippers would not benefit from intermodal rates. Less than truckload carriers use rail shipping to complete certain parts of an LTL shipments transit. Intermodal freight rates are best for full truckload shippers looking to economize their freight shipping cost. 

Freight-Specialist has the experience to guide customers through this widely embraced mode of transportation. Our intermodal freight coordinators will explain the whole process to you. It all begins with a free intermodal shipping quote. Your account manager will always be within reach and can contact you on a regular basis with updates. 


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Shipping Via Intermodal

Advantages Of Shipping Via Intermodal

Intermodal truckload shipments have much fewer claims than LTL. Intermodal shipments have fewer damage claims due to the minimized handling of freight. 

Rising fuel costs lead shippers to seek shipping alternatives. Intermodal rail is quickly becoming a favorite of many high volume shippers. Another reason to consider rail shipping is capacity issues. 

We work with all class 1 freight railroad providers. Our years of business relationship with the rail industry has forged invaluable relationships. These relationships let us offer our customers excellent rail shipping rates and service. We consistently beat our competition in affordable intermodal services.