Freight Density Calculator


What Is A Freight Density Calculator?

A freight density calculator is used as a tool for LTL freight classification. Knowing the density of a freight shipment is necessary for cargo where the freight class is affected by the density. Using a freight density calculator to assess the correct freight class as issued by the NMFC for a shipment, will help minimize the possibility of inflated freight charges. The NMFC freight class is not only for domestic U.S. shipments, but also used when shipping to and from Canada.
Be smart and use a freight density calculator to make sure that you don’t overpay for freight charges.


Remember The Higher Your Freight Class
The Higher Your Freight Charges

Below you can use our Freight Density Calculator to help you calculate the density of your shipment. Please use the guide below and match your density to the appropriate freight class. If you have more than 1 pallet, and they are not the same, you should calculate the freight class individually.