Freight Density Calculator


What Is A Freight Density Calculator?

Generally speaking, a freight density calculator is exclusively used for LTL shipments. It is used to estimate the freight class of a shipment. Despite, its accuracy a freight calculator should be used only as a guide. After all, the NMFC is the be all and end all in determining a freight class. Nevertheless, a freight density calculator is an excellent tool. Every warehouse should have a freight density chart as a reference. 

Using a freight density calculator to determine a freight class

What Is A Freight Class?

The freight class system was created by the NMFTA. It is a standard system used in LTL shipping. Pricing for LTL shipments get heavily affected by the designation of the freight class. By contrast, truckload shipment prices do not. The class a commodity is designated has to do with four main components. First, the density of the shipment. Hence, the reason for a freight density calculator. Secondly, how cumbersome the handling of the product is. Third, the stowability of the product, or how compact the item is. Lastly, the liability to the trucking company in the event of a freight claim. 


Remember The Higher Your Freight Class
The Higher Your Freight Charges

Below you can use our freight calculator to help you find the density of your shipment. Albeit, use the table below only as a guide. Match your density to the appropriate freight class. As previously stated the freight calculator is a tool to estimate your freight class. 

What If I Dont List A Freight Class On The BOL?

As a result, you will most likely incur additional freight charges. Firstly, a bill of lading correction fee may apply. However, that is not all. Your item may ship at higher than usual freight class. Consequently, leading to higher freight charges.   

Freight Class 70 As An Example

Freight class 70 is a fairly common freight classification. Seeing that, it is the fifth lowest freight class on a freight class chart. As an illustration, some automobile parts or even a metal door can be categorized under this freight class.