LTL Freight Shipping

LTL Shipping

What Is LTL Freight Shipping

• LTL Freight stands for “Less than Truckload” freight, a type of transport that uses multiple shipments to form one truckload.
• It involves consolidating cargo from different customers onto the same truckload.
• This provides a cost-effective method of shipping small consignments with other freight going in the same direction.
• LTL freight often requires special services such as packing, crating, and specialized palletizing.

• Determining LTL freight class involves several factors, such as density, handling, and stowability.
• It is necessary to accurately assess the item’s characteristics in order to correctly classify the product according to its freight class.
• Freight classes are typically assigned ranges based on weight or density of a shipment per cubic foot.
• Classifying items correctly can help ensure the most cost-effective shipping and delivery of goods.

• LTL (Less Than Truckload) and FTL (Full Truckload) freight are two different types of freight shipping.
• LTL freight is made up of multiple small shipments from various customers that get consolidated together into one truck for delivery.
• FTL freight involves the entire capacity of a truck being used by one customer to transport a single large shipment.
• LTL tends to be cheaper than FTL because the cost is split among multiple customers, but it may take longer to reach its destination due to consolidating shipments.

After you receive your LTL freight rate, the next step is the booking process. Freight-Specialist provides you with everything you need. The main document is called a BOL (bill of lading). The BOL is given to the LTL trucking company along with your shipment. Once the driver makes pickup the driver affixes a label with a pro number on the BOL. This pro number allows you to track your shipments progress online. 

As recent as March 5th, 2018 many LTL carriers published new regulation to their tariffs. Pallets that exceed 8ft in length are assessed extreme length fees. Standard sized pallets measure between 40×48 and do not exceed 48×48. Some carriers have yet to apply this rule but will do so in the near future.

Manufacturers and distributors can tell you if a shipment is deemed hazardous for transport. A MSDS tells you everything you need to know about hazardous shipping. Hazardous classes in the MSDS table vary from 1 to 9 and packing groups are from 1 to 3.


Shipping In 3 Easy Steps

Call or request your free freight quote. Once you have reviewed our rates you can proceed to book your truck. We will then schedule your shipment around your schedule. Once the shipment is picked up our team of dedicated logistics professionals will update you daily until your shipment has delivered.

Step 1 – Get A Freight Quote

Start by getting a FREE freight quote of your shipment by filling out our online freight rate form. There’s no obligation to you.

Step 2 – Schedule Pick-up

If you like our freight rates & are ready to deliver your goods, we will schedule a pick-up of your shipment at your convenience.

Step 3 – Deliver Shipment

Your shipment gets picked up and delivered! Freight shipping has never been simpler, easier or as affordable as that.


About Our Specialty Services

Since Freight-Specialist is committed to working within our client’s budget. We achieve lower LTL freight shipping rates by securing contracts with major LTL carriers nationwide. For volume LTL shipments, we look to owner-operators to ship your LTL freight for less.

Freight-Specialist works within our client’s budget without sacrificing efficiency or quality. We have budget carriers for those customers wishing to ship as cheap as possible. We also offer other LTL freight companies that offer expedited services for time-critical shipments.

Freight-Specialist has over 30 years experience in the transportation and trucking industry. Our freight experts know how to handle fragile and high-value commodities. When shipments require special handling and arrangements speak with a professional at Freight-Specialist.

Our LTL freight carriers offer both national and regional services. Through a complex network of partnerships, we can ship LTL freight across the country for less. Our services cover LTL freight shipping in all North America. Our competitive rates and variety of cost-effective options are designed with the customer in mind.