Trailer Specifications


Trailer Specifications

Trailer specifications are provided as a guideline for the shipper to reference the type of truck that will be required to ship their freight or cargo safely and adequately.
Please see below for the specifications and choose the right trailer for your shipment.

Dry Van Trailers are designed and best suited to ship dry goods and non temperature sensitive cargo.
They are by far the most common used in the freight shipping industry.
Most dry van trailers weigh about 15000 pounds and can haul between 44000-45000 pounds of freight.

Flatbeds are specialized trailers which allow for freight to be loaded from the side or rear.
They are incredibly versatile and can sometimes be the only type of trailer that can get the job done.
Flatbeds are lighter and capable of hauling up to 48000 pounds.
Flatbed trailers are used to haul large machines and used by the industrial sector.

Refrigerated Trailers of Reefers as they are known in the industry are trailers that offer temperature control. Reefer trailers are a must for any type of perishable goods.
Whether it is food, flowers or liquid that cannot freeze reefers are an absolute must in the shipping industry. Because of the AC unit, reefer trailers are heavier and cannot haul as much weight.
Most reefer trailers can haul a max of 43000 to 43500 pounds.