Final Word

We are wholeheartedly intent on offering the very best freight shipping services at the lowest cost.

At Freight-Specialist our mission is simple, transportation freight trucking at competitive rates for everyone. This allows small businesses to strive and helps the US economy.



Freight-Specialist is a freight brokerage company based and established in South Florida for over 25 years. We are a small family owned freight brokerage company with our emphasis on small and medium-sized businesses. We understand the plight and struggles of small companies to get competitive freight shipping quotes. Our platform allows companies of all sizes to ship freight and transport cargo at competitive rates. We offer a simple and effective way to transport freight nationally at fair prices.

Freight-Specialist started and remains as humble as we were on day 1. Therefore we strive for excellence in customer service and personalized attention to issues that can arise when shipping freight. Our staff is proactive in finding solutions for your toughest challenges. We track and trace all shipments from pickup to destination. For this reason, no matter if your shipment is LTL, FTL or rail our protocol will alert us of any issues along the way.


Shipping In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Get A Freight Quote

Start by getting a FREE freight quote of your shipment by filling out our online freight rate form. There’s no obligation to you.

Step 2 – Schedule Pick-up

If you like our freight rates & are ready to deliver your goods, we will schedule a pick-up of your shipment at your convenience.

Step 3 – Deliver Shipment

Your shipment gets picked up and delivered! Freight shipping has never been simpler, easier or as affordable as that.