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Full Truckload Shipping

Full truckload shipping or FTL simply indicates the dedicated use of a tractor trailer. As the name implies full truckload shipping is best left for large shipments. Wholesalers and distributors most commonly use this method of shipping. Surely, shipping merchandise by the truckload has advantages. Notably, cost averaging by the unit or pallet is the main reason. Nevertheless, if you want to learn how using a dedicated truck for your business may benefit you, please read below. 

  • Overall Cost- Overall shipping cost improves over multiple LTL shipments.
    Transit time– If transit time for your cargo is important, without a doubt using a dedicated truck will benefit you. Truckload shipping helps ensures faster delivery for your time-sensitive freight.
  • Exclusivity-Shipping freight as a full truckload gives the customer total exclusivity of the truck. 
  • Minimal handling-Full truckload shipping also reduces the handling of loaded freight. This added benefit minimizes the chance of costly delays or damages.
  • Insurance-Additionally, truckload shipments generally include cargo insurance of up to $100,000.  

A dry van trailer can haul up to 44000 pounds. However, many shippers prefer the advantage of a 53ft trailer’s space over the weight capacity. Notably, an enclosed truckload trailer provides 3816 cubic feet of usable space. As a result, shippers sometimes double stack their pallets. Consequently, utilizing this space maximizes the amount of freight shipped per truckload.      

You can ship up to 26 standard pallets as a truckload. In general, a “standard pallet” typically measures 48×48 or 48×40. However, some shipments are a combination of pallets, crates and or boxes. Although, this may present a challenge, there is a tool known as a full truckload freight calculator. This tool allows the truck to be loaded as efficiently as possible. Nevertheless, a shipper must remain vigilant of the weight distribution of a truckload shipment.

Shipping freight by the truckload is, significantly cheaper. However, you must perform your due diligence. Firstly, you must evaluate the frequency and cost to ship multiple LTL parcels. Secondly, analyze if your shipments are generally shipping to the same location or geographic area. With this in mind, you can determine if truckload service is the right fit for your business. In the meantime, use a full truckload freight calculator to determine if you have enough volume to warrant truckload service. 

Truckload shipping

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