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Texas Shipping Rates

Get low cost freight rates to and from Texas with Freight-Specialist. We offer top rated Texas LTL freight companies to ship freight for cheap. Furthermore, our Texas trucking rates remain competitive even through changing market conditions. Count on us for affordable shipping cost to and from Texas in addition to great customer service.

Texas Freight Shipping
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Freight Ports In Texas

Texas has a total of 23 ports, although only 4 are considered dedicated shipping ports. However these 4 ports generate more freight tonnage than any other state in the Gulf Coast region. Consequently this figure equates to over 560 million tons of freight. This fact makes freight shipping an important part of the overall GDP of Texas.

List of Texas Shipping Ports:

  • Port of Brownsville, Texas
  • Port of Freeport, Texas
  • Port of Galveston, Texas
  • Port of Houston, Texas

Texas Freight Shipping Options

  • LTL ( less than truckload )
  • Truckload (dedicated truckload service )
  • Intermodal Rail ( BNSF, UP)
  • Flatbed

Shipping Texas Truckload Freight

Texas truckload freight rates remain steady and affordable throughout the year. This is namely due to the sheer volume of freight in Texas. Nevertheless, Texas like other agricultural producing states is affected by the harvesting season. Shippers of truckload freight in Laredo, Houston, & Dallas feel the effect in the late spring and early summer. The harvesting season affects truckload rates for other industries within Texas, for instance the manufacturing sector.

Flatbed Shipping In Texas

Flatbed trucking is popular in Texas, mainly due to the chemical and machinery sector present in Texas. Thus flatbed freight companies within Texas remain in demand throughout the year. Freight-Specialist remains pro-active with the Texas freight market and quotes freight fairly. Although shipping rates for flatbed are sensitive to the oil industry within Texas, nevertheless our flatbed quotes are excellent.

Common Inbound Texas Freight Shipping Destinations

  • Los Angeles, CA to Dallas, Texas
  • Los Angeles, CA to Houston, Texas
  • Los Angeles, CA to Laredo, Texas
  • San Jose, CA to Dallas, Texas
  • San Jose, CA to Fort Worth, Texas
  • San Jose, CA to Austin, Texas
  • San Jose, CA to Waco, Texas

Texas’ Biggest Industries Include

  • Plastics
  • Chemicals
  • Computers & Electronics
  • Machinery
  • Oil & Gas
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing

Common Outbound Texas Freight Destinations

  • Dallas, Texas to Miami, Florida
  • Dallas, Texas to Orlando, Florida
  • Dallas, Texas to Atlanta, Gerogia
  • Dallas, Texas to Macon, Georgia
  • Houston, Texas to Jacksonville, Florida
  • Houston, Texas to Tampa, Florida
  • Laredo, Texas to Los Angeles, California

Texas Top Exports

  • Chemicals
  • Petroleum & Petroleum Byproducts
  • Non Electrical Machinery
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Computers & Electronics

Dry Van Truckload Freight Shipping

Dry Van Truckload Freight Shipping
Texas freight shipping quotes for truckload shipments. Get competitive Texas freight shipping services nationwide.

LTL Freight Shipping

Cheap Texas freight rates for LTL throughout Texas and nationwide with our top rated LTL carriers

Intermodal Rail Freight Shipping

Cost effective Texas train shipping rates for volume shippers remains an economical, reliable and environmentally friendlier means of freight transport.