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    Flatbed Freight Shipping

    Flatbed freight shipping is often considered for shipping large or irregular items. However, there are shippers that simply require flatbed trucks. This is due in part to their versatile design which allows loading from the side. This advantage allows smaller warehouses without a dock to ship cargo cross country at competitive rates.


    Which States Generally Use More Flatbeds?

    Flatbed transport rates differ from state to state. Consequently, some shippers will have to pay a premium for a flatbed truck. States such as Alabama and Texas as current as 2021 are the costliest to ship from. Clearly, there is a huge demand from these states due to the types of industries present. Alabama with their iron and steel production depend heavily on flatbed trucks to ship their items. Similarly, Texas has plenty of  demand for flatbed trucks. Particularly, within the building materials sector. In conclusion, flatbed freight shipping rates will vary greatly depending on where your shipment originates.

    Unique Advantages Of Using A Flatbed Semi-Truck

    Flatbeds are unique within the trucking industry. Not only can freight be safely loaded from the side but overhead as well. This flexibility makes flatbed trucks a favorite to ship directly to and from jobsites. In addition, the fact that flatbed trucks do not have walls or ceilings allows them to haul more weight. In fact, flatbed trucks can generally haul up to 48000 pounds. Subsequently, shipping flatbed freight that is heavy and bulky is not a concern. Therefore, if you need to ship heavy or bulky freight a flatbed truck is what you will need.

    • 48,000 pound freight cargo maximum
    • Deliver freight to job site or facility with no docks
    • Allows loading & unloading from the side for long or odd size freight
    Flatbed truck loaded with reels of freight ready to ship
    Flatbed truck delivering a load of Fiber-optic communication cable
    Flatbed truck used to ship freight that is tall
    Stepdeck Flatbed truck
    Conestoga Truck which offers both flatbed and van capabilities
    Conestoga truck