Rising trucking rates in 2023

Does your company need a 3PL?

A 3PL can help optimize a customer’s LTL and full truckload freight shipments by finding carriers that are interested in taking shipments to certain areas of the country. As is the case in most businesses the trucking and freight industry has its peak and off peak seasons and it is up to the 3PL to ship your freight the most efficient way possible.  Keeping an eye open for trends and new technology is a must if the 3PL is going to do their job correctly.

Factors such as weather and produce can affect the availability of trucks in different regions at different times of the year. Only a seasoned 3PL logistics with good business relationships can help when there are few or no available trucks. The freight shipping marketplace is ever changing and a 3PL in your corner is always an asset to any company’s logistics department.

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