trade show shipping

Trade Show Shipping

Trade Show Shipping & Logistics

Trade show shipping to convention centers present endless opportunities for business networking. It allows vendors to display their products to new potential markets. It is direct marketing on turbo! However, in order to have a successful tradeshow extra attention should be placed on logistics.

trade show shipping

Expo Show Logistics Require Careful Planning

Expo show logistics are as important as the event itself. In other words, without proper logistics planning the show itself can become a nightmare both professionally and financially. Nevertheless, trade show shipping is not only common, but easy. All that is required is for the expo freight to be handled per the coordinators instructions. 

Ship Your Tradeshow Freight With Plenty Of Time

We cannot stress the importance of shipping your expo freight early. In fact, doing so is almost half the battle. Because, event coordinators have deadlines in which a freight shipments must arrive. It is the component that makes trade show shipping challenging. Our theme and suggestion to you throughout this blog is to place careful attention and emphasis on logistics. Specifically, to very busy trade show locations such as Orlando, Las Vegas or New York. 

Tradeshow Freight Class

Trade show freight typically falls into a higher class. Mostly because, of the nature of its contents and time-sensitive deadlines. Items such as booths and displays must be carefully packaged. Generally, the more cumbersome cargo is to haul the higher the freight class. Typically expo show freight is classified as freight class 125 under NMFC 154630.

Using A Freight Broker To Ship Your Expo Freight

A quality freight broker can potentially help you avoid shipping errors. Additionally, you can usually get a better freight quote through a 3PL.  Working with a logistics provider helps you reduce costs associated with shipping by helping you select the best transportation service for your needs. With proper planning and preparation, you can make sure your trade show event is a total success.