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How FTL Shipping Can Boost Profits For Your Business

What Is FTL Shipping

FTL shipping is a method of freight transport which maximizes the efficiency of a truck’s capacity. Primarily, manufacturers and distributors ship freight via FTL. However, small and medium-sized businesses fail to leverage the financial benefits of FTL transport. All businesses large or small must lower cost to increase profits. Businesses improve profit by lowering their unit cost, this is largely done by lowering their cost of shipping freight.

How Can My Business Benefit From FTL Shipping?

In order to increase profits, a business must evaluate and apply economies of scale. FTL shipping rates allow a business to ship more product for less money. This concept is simple and easy to understand. However, the cost of transportation is not the only factor in COPS ( cost of product sold ) but it is certainly a major factor. In order to grow a business applying FTL transport must be a part of the equation.

LTL Shipping vs FTL Shipping

LTL shipping is a method of freight trucking that uses the principles of PTL known as a partial truckload. Popular with small & large shippers alike LTL is often the cheapest shipping method. As a result, LTL shipments account for the majority of freight shipments shipped. However, LTL shipping comes with increased risk over FTL shipping due to additional handling. The increased risk includes damage in transit, shipments going astray or entirely missing. Yet, shipping via LTL is not all doom and gloom it remains an effective and economical method of shipping.

What Is PTL Shipping?

PTL is an acronym used to describe a partial truckload shipment. Partial truckload shipments receive FTL shipping benefits at a reduced rate. Often FTL trucking carriers specialize in large LTL shipments along specific routes. Shippers with large LTL shipments should secure a freight broker to get the best freight rate.

How Do I Request A Full Truckload Shipping Rate?

To request an FTL freight quote the shipper should have the following information.

  • Origin Zip Code
  • Destination Zip Code
  • Type Of Freight Truck Required
  • Weight Of Shipment
  • Pallet Count And Dimensions

My Business Is Ready For FTL Transport

Once you compare shipping rates and are ready to ship please contact Freight-Specialist. Our freight logistics professionals will schedule your truckload shipment when you require. Once the trucking company is dispatched our dispatchers track the shipment from beginning to end.