LTL freight

How To Get Your LTL Freight Ready

Packaging or palletizing your LTL freight properly is of utmost importance. Different commodities require different packaging techniques. Most LTL freight shipments are fairly easy to put on a pallet and secure for transport but others require a little planning.

Once you have decided that you will be shipping your pallet using a freight carrier you must first have your shipment secured for safe transport.

Preparing your LTL freight shipment

Below we have some tips and guidelines for you to consider.

The basics requirements to setup your shipment are:

  1. Pallet
  2. Metal or plastic banding ( for securing freight to pallet )
  3. Packaging material such as cardboard or bubble wrap and shrink wrap
  4. Screws and Tape ( for securing cargo that can shift in transit )


When shipping boxes it is always best to use a column or interlocking method. Both have their uses and both have pros and cons, although for stability and the overall integrity of a shipment it seems that column style packing is the clear winner.

Column style packaging keeps the weight of the pallet balanced and provides a flat top layer suitable for stacking. This is of more importance when shipping to a location such as a distribution center that looks to maximize pallet dimensions and storage.

Interlocking style is best for non uniform size boxes and can maximize pallet area, but if done incorrectly it can severely undermine the integrity of the foundation of the pallet and be susceptible to damages along the trajectory of the shipment.


Car engines are common commodity that requires the use of freight shipping. Prior to shipping an engine you must drain it of all fluids.  A 4 way stringer pallet can be used so as to provide a surface for the engine to be secured by bolt or steel banding. Blocking and bracing the engine is also highly recommended.


55 gallon drums are a staple in the chemical industry, but the 55 gallon drum can also be used for other commodities such as cleaners, degreasers and other types of liquids. A single standard pallet can be used to ship as little as one drum or as many as four, since 55 gallon drums are 24” in diameter by 35” height. Totes by design are self contained and are designed with dimensions that closely resemble a standard pallet.


With these tips you should have a safe and pleasant experience using a freight service company such as Freight-Specialist. We recommend that you consult with us prior to having your shipment scheduled for pickup if you have any doubts or concerns.