Shipping Electronics By Freight

Shipping Electronics By Freight

There are various options to consider when shipping electronics by freight. The most economical option is shipping the freight via partial truckload or LTL. The other option is TL freight shipping; this option is typically used for large shipments or shipments of special circumstances. Regardless of the option selected we help ship electronic and get you a cheap freight quote online. Read below for the differences in shipping electronics by freight.

Shipping Electronics By Freight Using LTL

Shipping electronics via LTL is by far the cheapest method and is often an excellent option. Most shippers find partial truckload shipping or LTL to be the perfect mix of economy and efficiency. In order to quote LTL for electronics properly, a freight class density calculator should be used. The reason is that electronics is classified as a density-based commodity. The density will drastically affect the cost to ship the freight by affecting the freight class. Freight-Specialist can assist you in finding the freight class for your shipment.

Risk Of Shipping Electronics By Freight Using LTL

Generally speaking, LTL shipping is very safe, but there is always a risk of damage when shipping freight. The vast majority of LTL shipments get delivered daily without incident. In the event of damage, a shipper needs to file a claim. Additionally, shippers need to ask about a carrier’s liability when shipping electronics. Shippers often have the option to purchase additional liability coverage for their shipments.

Shipping Electronics Using Truckload Freight Shipping

Shipping electronics using truckload freight shipping is extremely common. Up to 26 standard pallets fit in a standard truckload shipment. A truckload quote offers many advantages when shipping high-value goods.  Additionally, truckload shippers benefit from faster transit times and less handling.  Another perk when shipping truckload freight is the cargo insurance coverage. Most truckload carriers offer $100,000 cargo insurance. Freight-Specialist gets you the best truckload trucking rates online every day.

Rail Shipping Quotes For Truckload Shipments

Rail shipping quotes can many times be more affordable than truckload shipping. By harnessing the power of consolidation, rail shipping rates are very competitive. Shipping freight via rail is quite similar to truckload shipping with the exception of a few differences. The biggest difference is the transit time. If shippers are willing to forego faster transit times the saving is substantial. When comparing rail vs truck costdetention time should be considered. Detention time with most rail companies begins after just 1 hour. Freight-Specialist works with all class 1 railroad freight companies and will assist you in booking your rail freight cargo.

Volume Of Electronics Shipping In The US

Shipments of electronics in the US surpass 1.5 trillion dollars. Data seems to indicate that over the road trucks transport these shipments. States such as Georgia ship over $28 million dollars of electronics to other states in the US. By contrast other states such as California count electronics as the number one commodity for truck shipments within and leaving the state. Thus California ships over 175 million dollars of electronics within their state alone.