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What are LTL freight accesories?

LTL freight accessories are any additional services that embellish a standard LTL freight quote.

When you ask for an LTL freight quote you can add as many options as is necessary depending on the needs the shipper has for that current shipment. There are almost an infinite amount of services available to suit the needs of an individual shipper or customer who require the extra services to accompany their LTL shipment.

Popular LTL add on accessories such as:

  • Lift gate service are a necessity for shippers or receivers who have no dock or forklift to unload their shipments. Lift gate service allows a customer to have their shipment delivered directly to their office with no means to unload a dock high truck.
  • Residential delivery which allows residential customers to have the same service that their business location neighbors are afforded. With more and more startups businesses being run from residential locations it is no wonder why residential delivery service is so popular. Gone are the days of having to run out to their local terminal to pick up a shipment.
  • Storage unit (shipping or receiving) Sometimes an LTL customer may have the need to ship or receive merchandise at a storage facility. This is also a common service that LTL freight carriers provide. This type of shipment will incur a limited access fee for obvious reasons because many times these facilities cannot accommodate full size trucks so they must be serviced by smaller trucks known as straight trucks which are often equipped with lift gates.

So the next time you have an LTL freight shipping request with just a little more than simple business to business shipping you can liken it to a dining out experience where you can literally request it almost any way you desire. If you would like more information about an LTL freight quote please contact Freight-Specialist and we will make sure that your shipment is tailored to your specific needs.