LTL Value

What is the value of an LTL rate quote?

Value simply put is the importance, worth or usefulness of something. But value by which value in itself is measured also means different things to different people. Freight Specialist offers our customer’s, shippers and consignees the value they seek along with the service they expect for all their LTL shipping needs. Shippers often find themselves with shipping deadlines to meet purchase order fulfillment obligations or face order cancellations or steep fines for late deliveries. This is when value, optimization and execution of LTL shipping are most important.  Shipping deadlines are very common in the LTL or less than truckload service market. It is no wonder that LTL rates are among the most compared in the freight industry. An LTL rate quote is of no value if the service that is expected is poorly executed. There are many areas where a customer can save money if they are willing to forego certain services. Some shippers are willing to wait an extra day or two if it means they will save money on a shipment that is not urgent where as some customers or shippers would prefer to pay a little extra for expedited LTL service. Regardless of the type of service a shipper or consignee is looking for, you can bet that there is a carrier that can fulfill their LTL shipping needs.

For instance regional LTL carriers offer among the most competitive rates for their 1 to 3 day direct lanes, with almost all shipments being delivered damage free. National carriers may offer higher rates but shorter transit times due to having more terminals where less handling means less possibility of damages. It is human nature to source out the best possible value for their money but with a myriad of LTL freight service provider’s customers must be savvy and know what questions to ask. If a customer has questions, a good LTL service provider will offer explanations of services as well as the limitations of the LTL service the customer has chosen and they must be able to offer alternatives. It is called due diligence and it is barely used or expected in the LTL freight industry.

If all this seems a bit overwhelming or confusing, it’s because it is. It is usually best to leave freight and logistics handling to a professional 3PL that can source the best fit for your company’s shipping needs. From expedited LTL to truckload and cross border shipping we can help you along the way. Freight Specialist will offer you the confidence and the solutions to all your LTL shipping needs.


With these tips you should have a safe and pleasant experience using a freight service company such as Freight-Specialist. We recommend that you consult with us prior to having your shipment scheduled for pickup if you have any doubts or concerns.