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5 Benefits of Intermodal Freight Transportation

The 5 Benefits of Intermodal Freight Transport

The 5 benefits of intermodal freight transport all offer significant benefits for large shippers. Rail shipping provides the opportunity to ship large quantities of materials safely and efficiently. Furthermore, it helps to reduce carbon emission through more efficient transport. Due to rail transports efficiency shipping cost are also improved. This is especially important for freight shipments moving large distances. Hence, its one of the most beneficial modes of freight transport. Lets examine 5 benefits of intermodal freight transport.

    • Transport Large Quantities

    The basic advantage of intermodal transport is the use of a single container. You can use a single container to transport all your materials, eliminating the need to shift materials. This way, even if you’re transporting large quantities, they will be safer than on other forms of transport. 

    • Keep Your Freight Free of Pollutants and Oxidation

    Intermodal transport keeps your goods from coming into contact with air or being damaged while shifting. Hence, the materials won’t come into contact with contaminants, pollutants, or oxidation. This ensures that the goods are protected. 

    Damaged goods can cost suppliers and manufacturers hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Intermodal rail transport cuts down on this significantly. This is ideal for transport across long distances.  

    • Improve Safety and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

    Due to a more limited time on the road, there is a reduced chance that any accidents will occur. There is also a reduced carbon footprint. Your goods will take less fuel and less manpower to transport overall. 

    Intermodal freight benefits include a reduction in carbon emissions. Intermodal transport works on railway tracks which don’t experience the kind of jams or traffic that trucks do. Hence, there is very little chance of excessive carbon emissions while travelling. 

    • Reduce Costs

    Finally, with all this saving of time and fuel, and resources, you can cut down on costs on the overall operation. That means that small businesses which are already on a budget can reap the rewards of intermodal transport. 

    • Cut Down on Operational Variables 

    With intermodal rail transport, you don’t need to hire as many drivers as with trucks. You also don’t need to work on the safety and efficiency of many individual trucks. A single train can do the work of multiple trucks and thus it’s more cost effective and efficient. 

    This is one of the great financial intermodal freight benefits. It’s a goldmine of efficiency if you choose the right partner. 

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