Shipping Marble And Stone Safely

Shipping marble using freight transportation service is very common. Due to, the weight or sheer size of varying stone or marble products. However, in order to ship stone products safely safety protocols must be followed. We ship all types of stone products ranging from ceramic tiles and marble slabs to quartz kitchen tops. We want to share with you what we learned from our hundreds of stone and tile shipments. 

Best Way To Ship Marble Slabs

Marble slabs can ship individually or in bulk. A single slab ships typically with its own custom crate. Therefore, single marble slabs are best shipped using an LTL freight company. On the other hand, bulk marble shipping is best transported using an A frame. Generally, A frames are bolted down onto the deck of a flatbed truck for transport.  

Using LTL Service for Marble and Stone shipments

Using LTL freight delivery for stone shipments is always a great option. Especially, for smaller quantities. In fact, stone related goods such as countertops or tile ship regularly using LTL transport. Countertops often deliver to residential locations, however there are limitations. With this in mind, most marble slabs which often measure in excess of 8ft should deliver to a business location with either a dock or forklift.   

Truckload Service For Tile & Marble Shipments

Marble slabs and tile are best suited for truckload transportation. Due to the nature of stone it is best to minimize movement of the product once in transit. LTL shipping transport companies need to load and offload products in contrast to truckload carriers. This additional handling can sometimes result in damage in spite of excellent crating. In addition, shipping by the truckload can be less expensive than traditional LTL service. Ask us for a shipping quote and compare.        

Shipping Marble Slabs On A Flatbed Truck

A flatbed truck is by far the best truck for shipping marble slabs. By design flatbed trucks have no sides therefore, allowing large and heavy items to load and off load much easier. When shipping stone slabs of any kind on a flatbed an A frame is used. Securing an A frame to the bed of a flatbed is usually done by the shipper. However, securing the A frames is done by the driver. It is best to use a minimum of three straps per A frame. Generally, the driver should strap as close to the A frame as possible and in addition use a center belly wrap technique. Edge protectors and coil pads should always be used to avoid damage to the straps.     

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